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The Washington Post
Why Peg Bundy Was the True ’90s-Sitcom Domestic Goddess
When Fashion Designers Become Directors, They Bring Movies a Much-Needed Visual Stamp
Where Have All the Erotic Thrillers Gone?

Buzzfeed Reader
I’m Obsessed With These 1970s Cosmo Covers

The Village Voice
Anne Carlisle Looks Back at Her Electrifying Dual-Role Turn in the New Wave Classic Liquid Sky
In William Klein’s Fashion Films, Humor and Critique Clash Playfully
In the Quad Cinema’s Series of Erotic Thrillers, Women Do as They Damn Well Please
An Alamo Drafthouse Series Assembles the Delights and Depravities of “Fashion in Film”
Amy Seimetz Talks the Alien Aesthetic of the New Season of The Girlfriend Experience

The Erotic Thriller Wild Things Deserves a Better Reputation Than “Guilty Pleasure”

Revisiting a Female Adolescence with Diane Kurys and Peppermint Soda

How J&B Scotch Became Hollywood’s Most Plugged Product

Rolling Stone
Goodbye, Girls: How the Finale Took on the Groundbreaking Show’s Legacy

The Best Part of I Feel Pretty is Michelle Williams’ Puppy Dress
Laura Dern’s Outfits Are the Best Part of the Twin Peaks Reboot

Winona Ryder is the Queen of Misfit Teenage Romance

Fatal Instinct Is Still a Funny Swipe at Erotic Thrillers’ Dumb Sexiness

The Outline
What Is It You Do, Again?

Costume Party
How to Dress Like Two French Girls
In Praise of Beetlejuice, a Goth Fashion Classic
On the Spectacular Tackiness of Figure Skating Films In Praise of Carrie and Lonely Teenage Girl Fashion
Never Been Kissed Is Peak High School Fashion
An Ode to Blue Crush and Early 2000s Surfer Girl Style

Princess Cyd Is a Queer Coming-of-Age Film Designed to “Confuse Straight Girls,” Director Says

The Camp Fashion World of Portfolio

Extra Crispy
Phantom Thread Is Really a Movie About Breakfast
Breakfast in Groundhog Day Is Both Heaven and Hell

Brooklyn Magazine
An Atmosphere of Magic: Talking to Anna Biller About The Love Witch
Ten Minutes with Zoe Kazan
Costume Party
Marlene Dietrich
Seduction, Anarchy, and Lina Wertmuller
Georgy Girl in Swinging London
Some Kind of Wonderful, John Hughes, and 80s Teens
Mary Tyler Moore
Nicole Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut
Sexy (French, Lesbian) Vampires!
Isabelle Huppert Forever
Discreet Charms and Obscure Objects
Judy, Judy, Judy Holliday
Eric Rohmer, Swimsuit Edition
The House of Mirth
Josie and the Pussycats is Fifteen
Pam Grier!
Witches and Their Wardrobes

Film Comment
Love is Colder Than Death
Seventies Domestic Discontent
Nastassja Kinski: From the Heart
Cleaning Out the Closet: Fassbinder’s Fashion

Truth or Dare Turns 25, But of Course Madonna Is Timeless

At Home With Amy Sedaris Captures Its Host’s Inimitable Spirit
Lucia Aniello Wants You To Know That Rough Night Is Not What You Think It Is

Tatiana Maslany on Working with Her Real-Life Partner in The Other Half
Seth Rogen on What Food He’d Eat in Sausage Party

Little White Lies
Why I Love Jayne Mansfield’s Performance in The Girl Can’t Help It
An Appreciation of Amy Heckerling

Joan’s Digest
Lace Gloves & Cheez Doodles

Bright Wall/Dark Room
The Story of Adèle H. : A 90 Minute Close-Up